Knezevich Consulting

At Knezevich Consulting, our mission is to assist architects and owners with the design of buildings that are resistant to extreme wind events, allowing operations within the building envelope to continue, despite the elements. We provide exterior envelope consulting services for all building types and sizes, with an emphasis on facilities deemed critical by the end user such as healthcare, government, and educational facilities. Services offered include:

• Wind Risk Assessments
• Flood Risk Assessments
• Mitigation Studies
• Probable Loss Studies
• Structural Investigations
• Curtainwall Design

Every project at Knezevich Consulting benefits from Mr. Knezevich’s 30 years of experience in the design, development and testing of hurricane-resistant building envelope components. Where mitigation is viable, extensive experience in testing and post-hurricane investigations allows Knezevich Consulting to present effective and efficient solutions to ownership.

Whether the risk is wind or flood, Knezevich Consulting is dedicated to designing solutions to mitigate the risk associated with hurricanes, providing building owners more reliable operations and reduced business interruption.


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